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Pay Per Click (PPC)

The most modern and effective way of online advertising is Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC or Cost Per Click is a way of advertising where website owners charge advertisers for per clicks. It provides Maximum Return on Investment (ROI), low investment and low cost high ROI. At Niriya, we offer advance PCC services to our clients.

PPC advertising is based on keywords that include its research, grouping and organization. Being so it is based on regular keyword analysis for selecting niche keywords. This results in optimized landing page, high quality score ads, high conversion rates and maximum impression ensuring maximum clicks. Team Niriya utilizes the best of PPC management system solutions for developing and growing adword campaigns. Also, quality here being more important than quantity ensures more successful clicks for sale. Further, quality traffic automatically boosts the sales and with stats of relevant conversion rates you get a clear idea of how many visitors turned into your customers.

PPC campaigns provide not only an effective way of advertising but they also serve as a performance reporting stat for a website. This serves a great deal for websites to improve in the exact manner for profits.

If you looking for adopting Pay Per Click advertising solutions then do consider Contacting Us for conducting Profitable PPC campaigns. Besides, with us you get these services at best rates making them the best marketing solutions.

Monthly Advertisement Spent
Monthly Service Charge
(% of Advertising Spend)
0 - $1000
$1000 - $ 2,500
  • Monthly service fee is subject to a minimum of $100.00
  • Set up fee is equal to 1 month fee.

Free offers: Free set up for contracts of 6 months or more services.