Our Projects Range from Educational
CDs and Documentaries to
Full-fledged 2D Films.

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2d animation

2D Animation

Despite of all the technological advancements made in field of animation, the 2D animation still holds a specific space. 2D animations are still regarded better for commercials, promos, websites, research projects, lectures and for pre- visualizations. At Niriya, we have a professional team of 2D animators who carry 2D animation production projects at different levels.

Under simple terms, 2D animation means moving objects in a two dimensional field. The objects can vary from conventional logos, photographs or illustrations to 3D graphic images. The precise moving effects gives a realistic impression to these objects. We provide 2D animation services for catering an wide array of projects. Our projects range from educational CDs and documentaries to full-fledged 2D films.

Our professional team of 2D animators also develop exciting promos and product demos. They are adept in producing exciting unique animation themes that interests audience of every age. With an array of modern animation tools, we produce compelling animations for global customers.

Our work will help you highlight your potentials in an exact intended manner for attracting target customers. 2D animation services at Niriya are offered under cost effective packages for carrying projects under definite budget range suiting every level business.